Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ectoplasm love


I came across this picture via Lovenordic (please, bookmark this blog, it features the most beautiful homes) and love the barbapapa decal- it is so adorable in a little kids room. Did you grow up watching Barbapapa en barbamama? Probably not.  It is a French television show that started in the seventies. I remember watching the barba family when I was young in Holland. It is a story about a large fluffy piece of ectoplasm named barbapapa (the pink blob) who falls in love with barbamama, who go on to have seven kids together- barbabelle, barbabeau, barbazoo, barbalala, barbalip,  and barbaright. Each kid has a different shape, color and personality. It is a sweet story about how you can adapt and be creative when facing problems in life. I wish they showed it on t.v. in the States.


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