Monday, June 4, 2012

Girl with the pearl earring

via webmuseum

I have always loved the Dutch masters. Probably because I grew up in Holland and they were all around me.  Girl with the pearl earring by Vermeer is a classic one in my book, it was painted circa 1665-1666 and when I first saw this pixelated version I was instantly smitten. My mom surprised us and hand delivered it to us all the way from Holland (you can also buy it here if you don't have a nice mom who would do that for you). It was quite a project to put together but that was also part of the fun.  The directions on how to put the art piece together were pretty straight forward. It did however take us about 2 evenings to put together.  See the progress below. I am in love with it. You can see it from all angles of the house, even from outside.  I wonder how many pixelated Vermeers are in the KC metro area.  Also, if Vermeer is not your cup of tea, check out ixxi's many other options or even better- design one of your own.


  1. that does look like a lot of work- but worth it. Love how it loos. Perfect with your table... glad you are back on the blog. Missed you. But I am sure you were welcoming your space back after your parents left!

    1. thanks darcie, although we got a bigger table (still have the orange one) but we added a huge one that seats 10 people. When are you coming for dinner?

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