Friday, March 30, 2012

Have a relaxing weekend!

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Loose Park- Spring time

Another beautiful day at Loose park. Unfortunately, I just had my iphone camera. The trees were in bloom and the fountains have been turned on. The duckies, geese and koi fish were all having a great time.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Saltwater fun

Little feet grow, a lot. I got Sas a pair of sandals last summer and as I pulled them of the dusty shelf the other day, I noticed that her feet have grown quite a bit. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered her a pair of Saltwater Sandals- I would love a pair for her in each and every color but for now, she will have to do with brown. Should I get a matching pair?


Salt water sandals Blue/ Beige / Metallic / Yellow/ Red

I ordered mine via Beso

The Local Pig

Alex Pope and Matt Kafka recently opened a full-line butcher shop in East Bottoms called the local pig. We took a short road trip last Sunday and after making it across the train tracks we found the butcher shop on the corner of Guinotte and Montgale Ave, not far from the knuckleheads saloon. The store features large planters near the front window growing fresh herbs such as spear mint and sage. The delicase, in the back of the store, was full with a large variety of meats that are locally sourced and humanely raised and also hormone, steroid and antibiotic free. Behind the delicase is a large butcher block where the staff was cutting up chicken and lamb- I really love their transparency- it is great to see their craftsmanship up close and personal.  A large chalkboard menu features the daily specials which included foie gras (!). In addition to the meats, some herbs, salts, local nuts and honey are for sale. We sampled (and purchased) a bourbon infused honey appropriately named "old fashioned honey"- we have been using it to make old fashioned cocktails and use the honey in lieu of a sugar cube. We left the store with 5 different sausages/brats: Boulevard pilsner beer bratwurst with cheddar, a sage and ginger pork sausage, lamb and feta sausage, buffalo chicken and celery with and cream cheese and a chicken sausage with pecorino and sun dried tomatoes. Last night, we threw a few sausages on the grill, made a salad and warmed up some french bread and had a delicious meal. My favorite was the pilsner bratwurst with cheddar- it reminded me of the brats I used to eat as a kid when vacationing in Germany. I loved the meats and will be back again soon. If you live in the Kansas City area, you should consider signing up for the butcher's box (see picture below for more details) or take one of their hands-on classes on the art of butchering and charcuterie. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Instagram snippets

Easter is fast approaching


With the beautiful weather here in the Midwest, it is hard to believe it is spring and not summer.  The chocolate easter eggs and peeps around the stores however are a perfect indication that  Easter is just around the corner.






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