Monday, March 5, 2012

Jewelry mania- Alexis Bittar

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have married a man who knows a lot about fashion/jewelry (except about shoes) AND has great style AND is extremely generous.  Luckily he was in LA for business the weekend before my birthday (I thank the gods for this impeccable timing) and I got a great introduction to Alexis Bittar's incredible jewelry craftsmanship with a pair of stunning earrings from the Ms. Havishman collection- which is both very sculptural and textural. To me it screams Grace Kelly meets punk rock combining glamorous stones in funky settings. However, Alexis himself sums up his spring 2012 collection best:  “good girls from the 1950s who run away from home and become jewel thieves”. For more AB jewelry check here

Source pictures via Alexis Bittar

 P.S. Does it ever happen to you that once you are introduced to something new you just happen to see it all around you? I started reading the March Bazaar issue (thanks Liz!) and the first thing I see is a two page AB add (starring the absolutely fabulous cast) followed by a ring on one of the girls modeling a Giorgio Armani dress. Go figure.

Bazaar, March Issue, Alexis Bittar add

Bazaar, March 2012 page 389 Featuring a stunning ring by Alexis Bittar

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