Friday, March 2, 2012

Chihuahuas in the house!

Matt and Liz came over for dinner last night and got me this awesome chihuahua wine bag.  It is so very appropriate because today we will have 4 chihuahuas in the house, FOUR crazy nutty little dogs.  I am sure they will all have lots of fun (and perhaps a few fights too).
Oh, in case you are wondering what is *inside* the wine bag? Below a picture of some delicious rosé. I am so excited for summer to come (we had a little preview yesterday with warm weather and sunshine but today it is snowing- go figure). I love Rosé. Thanks Matt and Liz!
Since this is turning into a random blog post, I also added some pictures from last nights dinner. We had a skirt steak marinated in a mixture of soysauce, brown sugar and spices with roasted garlic, sweet potato fries, a summer salad with strawberries and a nice malbec wine.  We finished the meal with my new all time favorite cookies- they couldn't look any uglier but they are oh so very tasty (from my favorite cookbook: Momofuku milk bar, you might have heard me talk about it previously here).

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