Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More on wallpaper

My cousin Leonie has a great eye for design.  She moved into a new house a few years ago and found some amazing wallpaper for her little girl's room. She decided to wall paper just a single wall with the Eijffiner Pip Collection. I think it adds just the right touch to a room, not too much, not too little. She kept the rest of the room in a very simple palette- whites, blacks and greys.  I am searching for wallpaper for our entry way, the room is small enough and I think it could add a nice touch.  Below are some rolls that recently popped up on the house and home section at Anthropologie and you can purchase just a single roll- I personally love the vignette design, however I am still in love with this.

Source via Anthropologie
Source via Anthropologie

Source via Antropology

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  1. That's funny because Peter's sisters baby room has the same blue (with birds) wallpaper with all white furniture. Looks good.