Monday, August 12, 2013

AOTMC- Avocado of the month club

Who knew there is such a thing as the avocado of the month club?!  Well, my father in law did- and I am so glad he found out about the club. It was Paul's birthday earlier this month and what better present to give this avocado lover then 4 lbs of freshly picked avocados every month.  I have to say, it is a bit of a present for myself as well. My brain is  currently going into overdrive to figure out what we can make with all these awesome avocados- guacamole, crab and avocado sandwich, BLAT, avocado salad. YUM!

The postman, who delivered the box of goodness, was also curious and mentioned this was the first time in his career he had ever delivered avocados (he had seen coffee of the month club and wine of the month but never an avocado of the month club).  This month we received Hass (4) and Gem (3) avocados.  We are used to eating Hass avocados, they are creamy, medium sized and bright green skinned (see avocado on the right in the picture below). They are always delicious and ripen on the counter top in a few days and hold for another week or so in the refrigerator.  Hass and Gem avocados are usually in season around the same time. Gem avocados( see avocado on the left in the picture below) are grown in Guatemala and are medium sized, slightly larger than the Hass variety and darker in color. They are simply delicious. Sprinkle them with a little dusting of sea salt- Dean and Deluca offers a wide variety of great sea salts- and you have the perfect and healthy snack.

Here you can read a few tips on how to pick the perfect avocado- in a nut shell, just remove the pit and look at the color of the flesh. Also, to keep the avocado from browning you should leave the flesh attached to the pit and you can also sprinkle some lemon juice on the fleshy part.  If all else fails, just cut off the browned layer.

My first avocado sandwich; titled "green and white sandwie". 

Toast 2 slices of sourdough bread, butter the toast and layer with freshly sliced avocado, sprinkle with some sea salt, add firm goat cheese, butter lettuce, brie and a few slices of bosh pears. 

p.s. My friend Michelle started an amazing and inspiring fashion blog. Don't forget to check out "catching couture". 

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