Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Woolly pockets

Photo credit: designed by Daniel Nolan for Maven in the lower Haight district of SF (my old stomping ground)

Woolly pockets- they sound so cozy and fun and they ARE. I first spotted them at my friends Stephanie's apartment. As you can tell from the picture below (sorry for the poor picture quality), she has a green thumb and an amazing sense for decorating. She combined 2 large woollies with a teeny tiny one.

When it was time to start decorating the baby room, I figured I would add a couple of pockets myself. It fills up the space on the wall nicely and adds just the right amount of pop. I opted for the black woollies and filled them with 2 giant ferns.

You can find more inspiring ideas for woolly pockets here. Also, they currently offer a 20% discount on mini wallies in black until the 19th of August.

p.s. How cool would it be to cover an entire wall with woolly pockets and let it all spill over. 

photo credit: Kitchen by Jardins de Babylon- Amaury Gallon 

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