Thursday, April 12, 2012

pizza pizza

My two year old is into doing everything on her own. I have found that she can be really helpful when it comes to making pizza.  I prep the dough, make the pesto sauce, cut the cheese and tomatoes and she puts everything together. Once it is in the oven, she even knows to turn on the oven light and look at it.

Pokes little holes in the dough with a fork

Smears on the pesto sauce

Adds the pre-cut slices of cheese

Adds the slices of tomato

....and time to eat!


  1. Wat een goede hulp. Zij kan ons straks helpen in plaats van wij haar.

  2. Makes me miss you guys more than usual. sas is pretty much the tops

  3. So miss you guys!!!! She is growing up, and I don't even recognize her....sad face.....