Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend memories: Vagabond 4.0 fashion

Happy Monday.  I hope your weekend was as splendid as mine.  The highlight of my weekend was a night on the town with 5 lovely ladies (unfortunately this little photo shoot only included 3 of us).  We had gotten tickets (in the nick of time) to a pop up dinner, vagabond 4.0,  that was created by chef Alex Pope & event manager Jenny Vergara and hosted by the Nelson-Atkins museum in the amazing Lens 2 room at the Bloch building.  I am sure Liz will talk about the details of the dinner- which was spectacular all the way around.  The dress code for the evening was "cocktail attire".  None of us knew about our individual outfit choices but when we got together we looked like a delicious bowl of jelly beans- colorful and fun.  Perfect for a pre- Easter celebration.

Want to recreate the color look?  Here are some options.

via Shopbob

Via Revolve Clothing

Via Shopbob

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