Monday, September 9, 2013

A trip to Jungle Jim: a foodies paradise

Belgian goodies for on a slice of bread in sprinkle form (left) or spreadable form (right)

While cruising through Cincinnati Ohio, Paul made a stop at Jungle Jim's. Jungle Jim's is an 200,000 square feet (yes, you did read that correctly: 200,000) international grocery store which holds up to 150,000 products. Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to go myself but with Paul's good judgement and lots of back and forth texting of pictures we got quite the international food collection at home right now.  Besides being able to buy pretty much anything you can imagine at Jungle Jim's, it also looks like you just entered an amusement park. The store is filled with murals, creatures (think an enormous fuzzy mouse dressed up like Elvis, cars, dancing corn) and let's not forget about the monorail. They also have an entire "Dutch" section. Here are some of the goodies we scored and that are hard to live without. My new favorite being the Biscofff crunchy spread which is a cookie paste that looks a lot like the consistency of peanut butter with chuncks of crunchy cookies inside (Ahmaaazing on bread).

Beschuitjes aka crisps, great to have as a snack with a cup of tea

This needs to explanantion...
A variety of Dutch Licorice aka DROP!
Hello Panda cookies from Singapore


  1. Never heard of it before, but wow... that place sounds amazing!