Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What we read last night- a favorite

Before bedtime we always read a book (or two). As Sas has gotten older, the books have gotten better. No longer is she interested in just pictures of objects but she is enjoying short stories and beautiful illustrations that go along with it. "I can fly" by Ruth Krauss with illustrations by Mary Blair is one of my favorites. We read it last night. The illustrations are whimsical, the book is not too long and you can start reading the first sentence and have your little one finish it.  What is your favorite children's book?  Do you remember your favorite illustrator?

Mary Blair also worked for Disney, did children's paintings as well as commercials. I came across these cute ones below, an advertisement for Bakers instant and Dutch boy paint. Could have been part of the "I can fly book". I want to make sure to watch out for these prints at vintage stores as this could make for a fun poster in a kids room.

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  1. Wat is dit grappig, ik lees dit boekje al jaren met Anna, alleen de tekenen/teksten zijn volgens mij in het Nederlands anders vertaald, "ik ben een meisje en vlieg als een sijsje, huppekee, huppeka ik doe alle dieren na en de afsluitende topper oehoe oehoe ik ben een oude uilemoe????? Maar fantastische illustraties. Leoniex

    1. goh wat grappig zeg! leuk om dat te horen!