Monday, September 23, 2013

Baby room tour: Cloudy with a chance of baby

Our littlest one has the biggest room in the house. This room used to be our office and was most logically going to be the nursery since it is right off of the master bedroom as well as on the same floor as Sas' bedroom.This room is great for many reasons, it has 2 huge windows that let in a ton of light, great hardwood floors as well as 2 doors (one opening into the master and one into the hallway). I didn't plan for the baby room to have a theme (clouds) or particular color scheme (yellow/black/white) but it all fell into place in the end. My first inspiration came from a picture I saw on instagram of a half painted black wall with some book shelves (I prefer browsing instagram over pinterest).  Besides having an inspiration room in mind, I wanted to use furniture, art work and toys that we already had; Sas' old white crib, some left over paint from the t.v. room and a couple of salvaged shelves as well as some of her books.  Paul painted the entire room white so I could start of with a clean slate. After (re) building the crib and adding a chair to the room, it still felt a little empty so we looked for a large rug. Crate and Barrel had this yellow and cream rug on sale (that is now no longer available in yellow) and it added the right amount of color and warmth to the black and white room. We added a few colorful prints above the crib (by artist Dalek) and it instantly transformed the room into a cute and cozy baby room. Also, a lot of Saskia's toys were used as decorations around his room; some building blocks, colorful books, bunnies and some new toys sent by family and friends. Finally, I added some wooly pockets to add some oxygen and greenery to the room, after all he will be spending countless (restful) hours in his room.