Thursday, February 16, 2012

Coats for Kids (Operation Warmth)

Coats for Kids (Operation Warmth):

My friend Jeannie Gaudette, recently moved to Afghanistan. She is trying to get donations for Coats for Kids. Below, you will find a personal message from her.

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Hello from Kabul, Afghanistan,

It has been an unusually cold winter here in Afghanistan and many of the Afghan people do not have coats or shoes to wear. Just last week, over 20 children froze to death in an orphanage not far from where I work here in Kabul.  People are in dire need of winter clothing, especially in the orphanages and women's prisons.  It is truly a crime against humanity to let these people parish solely due to the cold. The Afghans that I have had the please of meeting have been kind, warm, hard working, stoic and generous, and it pains me and most here to know that many are going without basic necessities. So, with that said, I was hoping that some of you might find it in your hearts to donate money for winter jackets, warm socks, shoes, blankets, sweatshirts, and gloves. Everything that gets donated will go directly to "Operation Warmth", an initiative here at my work that goes to local orphanages, shelters and women's prisons to give out basic cold weather wear.

Coats for Kids (Operation Warmth):

Jeannie Gaudette

We miss you Jeannie, come back to KC!!!!
from left to right: Sabs, Liz, Jeannie


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