Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow day

View from our bedroom window- winter wonderland 2012

Finally, we had to wait till February but, we got a few inches of snow in Kansas City (more than just a dusting) . Sas was very excited to put on her snow pants, snow boots, gloves and hat and go outside to play with torture the dogs. Strangely enough, the dogs really don't mind being out in the snow. After a few laps around the yard, we went back inside for some hot tea and cookies. My kind of day.

Getting bundled up


  1. We go get you two nice new pairs of boots just for the snow and still you wear those old water absorbing UGGS. sigh. ;) cute pics babe.

    1. Uh oh, I got caught ;-) Glad you like the pics.

  2. Awww...she looks like a KID. Where'd that baby girl go? :)