Monday, February 13, 2012

Tie me up

The fun thing about having a girl is that you get to play dress up and do fun things with their hair.  Sas was born with a full head of hair and it didn't take long before I could squeeze her hair to the side to make 2 adorable pig tails (even though this must have looked a little ridiculous to others).  There are so many cute hair clips and ties out there- one of my favorite pairs is one she got on her second birthday, you can find similar ones here on Etsy. I would love it if I could make french braids every morning but the reality is that I need a few more lesson as well as a child who needs to learn to sit still for longer than five seconds- in the mean time, clips and ties it is.

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Sas' hair ties

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  1. Leuk. Ik zal hier ook nog kijken. Dat is een leuk cadeautje voor Sas.