Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Search for a new bed for the baby lady

Piper bed from Room and Board

The little one is getting too big for her crib and I think it is time to transition her to a "big girl bed".  I love her current crib for many reasons, it's white, modern, contains her stuffed animals, toys (except for some small ones that manage to spill through the sides in the middle of the night) and most importantly, it keeps her safe.  Once we put her to sleep for the night- I don't worry that she might get into trouble in her room because she won't climb out of it on her own.  That being said, she really needs more room and a proper set of sheets for her to be comfortable. I have been searching and searching for a nice looking and affordable bed (no, we don't have an Ikea here in Kansas City or the search would have ended there).  Here are some of my inspirations.

Popsicle twin bed via Kids 'n cribs

Via nooshloves
via the land of nod

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