Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Would you.....

 .....dare to wear these leggings?  I personally think they are kind of sexy but it would take the right occasion and the right accessories to pull it off.  I think Black Milk Clothing hit the nail on the head, pairing these meaty leggings with a simple black tank-top and some cool chunky boots. They have a wide array of other fun leggings, like the tetris leggings (so incredibly 80's) and the cross of St. Peter leggings. All of this and so much more, from the company who is also known for the R2-D2 (see picture below) and C3PO swimsuit.

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  1. Badpak is wel mooi

  2. um, "R2D2" bathing suit? you tagged correctly, but referred to it as a C3P0 bathing suit in the body... just, you know, sayin'

    P.S. directed here by Mr. Dean's Valentine's post on, if that helps.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog AND for paying attention!